Fine art photos by Bob Pardue

Fine art photo of Sculpture Park near Sioux Falls South Dakota – by Bob Pardue

Are you a lover of fine art photos? If you are like me, you enjoy the emotion fine art photos bring, no matter if on stretched canvas or hanging as a framed print.

Hi, my name is Bob Pardue and I’m happy you dropped by.

I was born and raised in South Carolina but never really discovered the beauty of the area until I started photographing it.

I fell in love with fine art photography at a later age. In my 40’s I did all the “educational” stuff to become somewhat technically efficient at creating images. Sounds cold and boring, doesn’t it?

Well, not really. At first, it was exciting to shoot fashion photos of beautiful models, to create family portraits which would eventually become heirlooms to the children and grandchildren.

But then something happened. I asked myself; “Am I truly happy just ‘making a living’ from my photography? Am I really stretching myself to the limits of my creativity? The answer was a big fat “no”.

Why I Love to Create Fine Art Photos

Fine art photography allows me to not only create images more enticing than stock; it allows me to manipulate the photo until I get a “feeling” for the artwork.

Many of my photos are “mixed media” so you can get a different feeling or unusual insight about the same travel locations shot by other amazing fine art photographers (and believe me, there are thousands of talented people out there).

But enough of the techno garble – You love art, I love to create it for you!

My Passion for Travel Became a Vehicle for Fine Art Photography

You see, Jean (my wonderful, lovely wife) and I have a passion for travel. So, we dropped the comfort of the photography studio and hit the open road of the USA.

Do you know what else happened? We discovered a new adventure! It’s called fine art photography and we’ve never looked back.

We found there is a story behind every picture. There’s also a memory attached to each click of the shutter so you’ll see my heart and soul each time you visit one of my photo pages.

As we travel from the beaches of South Carolina (our home-place) to the “Mother Road” called Route 66, we’ll share our experiences with you through stories and artistic photos.

Your Passion for Travel & Fine Art Photos Matches Mine, Doesn’t It?

You have that passion for travel and creative fine art photos or you wouldn’t be reading this. If this is true, hop on board and experience the journey with me through my artwork. It won’t take long for you to realize why I’m so passionate about being a traveling fine art  photographer.

I’m proud to share my photographic work with you and tell the stories behind creating them. I hope your love for fine art photos stays as strong as mine.

Lastly, I’d love to hear your views about my work or travel stories. Please take time to comment on the fine art photos you see here – or share your experiences with me through the comments section. I’m ready to hear from you. Thanks again and please come back often! – Bob Pardue

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