About Fine Art Photographer Bob Pardue

Fine art photos by Bob PardueJust like you, I love to travel the USA. It’s amazing to drive my old white Dodge van through the vastness of western I-40. Or maybe the next trip will introduce you to my home state of South Carolina.

This web site is dedicated to providing quality fine art photography of travel destinations for you to enjoy.

Remember, the most important part of this site is you!

Photography Experience and Bio

I did stock photos for about 13 years on travel locations along with fashion pics and lifestyle. But, my real love is capturing that magic moment which becomes fine art.

Photography is my vehicle for travel and vice-versa. If you love visiting the beautiful places and smiling faces of SC then I’ll introduce photos to entice you to love it even more.

I’m a graduate of The University of South Carolina and The New York Institute of Photography. My vast experience includes photographing models in the studio and on location.

My photographic work has been used by National Geographic Explorer, Forbes Magazine, Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill and numerous other books, brochures, and publications.

You can navigate through the site by using the menus on the right side of each page. Also don’t hesitate to follow the links you see in bold throughout each post to learn more about the image being spoken about.

I hope you find the fine art images I provide here valuable and emotionally charged. My desire is for you to love my fine art photos as much as I love creating them. – Bob